Let’s have a strategy party!

Understand your audience. Create epic campaigns. Scale your income. Elevate your business.

Schedule a party below for $1,999 (one-time fee)

Are you ready to take the next step in your business growth but unsure of exactly how?

Do you have a rough idea in place and need to iron it out so it’s more of a well laid out path?

Enter: The Strategy Party.

If you have an online course and want hundreds (or dare I say thousands!) to enroll each month so that your income is less tied to you being ‘on’ all the time — then this is the best place to get started.

If you’re already running ads but just aren’t getting the results you want or know that you can impact more lives & reach higher revenue goals, this is for you too!

Here’s how it’ll go down:

    You’ll provide us a detailed picture of your biz by filling out our questionnaire before we meet

    We’ll study it like the epic party planners that we are & create a strategic FB & IG ads plan specifically for your business

    On the 90-minute zoom call, we’ll share the customized plan or audit with you and go over all the little details so your set up to build successful campaigns

    After we’ll give you a little time to rest, cuz parties are intense, and then we’ll send over a full report of all that went down and exactly how you can put that knowledge to work for your business (campaign strategy, budget breakdowns, targeting ideas, copy examples and more.)

    You’ll be able to send us one email just in case something pops up right away that you need to be clarified.

    Finally, when you’re ready we’ll jump on a 30 minute follow up call to check out any results, talk through optimizations, or simply to let you know how amazing your ads are doing!

    * Services NOT included with a Strategy Party include:


    • Connecting with VIP FB Support – if you have any troubles with ads manager we’re happy to offer advice (we may have run into the issue before and already have a solution) but otherwise, it’s your responsibility to do some google searching or to email FB Support on your own
    • Ensuring compliance with FB Policy – we will cover any potential policy issues with you and share best practices on how to adjust but ultimately you’re responsible for ensuring your ads meet policy and are approved to run.
    • Tech support – ads manager is a tech system and with that comes some frustrating troubles. We’re happy to offer any advice on issues we’ve already faced but again it’s your responsibility to google or work with support to solve your tech issues.