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Frannie Coggeshall folds her arms and smiles at the camera

You can 4x your business, fast when you know the right ad strategies.

No more piecing together information from 10 different places or dreaming about the results you know you can achieve, instead, work with a team of Facebook marketing services experts.

Our full service package

All the Things

Our All the Things service package will help you 10x your results faster than you could ever imagine. You’ll have the most compelling, scroll-stopping, and converting ads on the platform, and experience more freedom & security knowing your ads are delivering you consistent sales & revenue. Quit hoping you’re running your ads well, and KNOW your ads are completely handled by the best ads team out there.

Perfect for you if you…

  • Are already running ads and are ready to scale
  • Have made more than 100 organic sales of your online course and have your funnels & holistic marketing system dialed in
  • Are ready for a team of experts to do the work for you when it comes to your ad campaigns so you can focus more on the parts of your business that you love
  • Are making more than $20K/month in your business
Christina Galbato smiles at the camera after having her ads completely taken care of with Elevate Her Marketing

“Literally in the first three months of working together, I grew my email list by 10,000 new subscribers and earned a revenue of over $100,000.”

That’s the first three months. And then over the next year of working together, my email list is now over 100,000 new subscribers, super targeted for the audience that I want. And we consistently see a return in our ad spend between two to six just depending on the month. So every single month has been profitable for my business working with Elevate Her Marketing.

– Christina Galbato,
Influencer & online educator

1-1 Call with Ad Strategist

Strategy Party

Share #allthedeets with us so we can create your custom plan. Jump on a 90-minute 1-1 call with an EHM Ad Strategist and be guided through your unique ad plan. The Strategy Party will help you run ads with confidence. Have a direct follow up post-implement to ensure you’re on the right track.

Woman smiles at her computer while drinking coffee

Perfect for you if you…

  • Are running ads and need an audit to improve your results or fix potential holes
  • Are tech-savvy, have extensive experience in online marketing, and know a bit about ads
  • Want a custom-built strategy without having to spend time learning & are okay spending
  • Don’t need ongoing Facebook marketing services
  • Are making more than $5K/month in your business
Woman smiles at her computer while drinking coffee
Carly Helfand smiles at the camera after a successful strategy party

“The strategy party was absolutely perfect.”

Not only is it a really thorough crash course in ad strategy for beginners but Frannie really puts so much effort and research into these, they are beyond packed with value.

– Carly Helfand,
Content Director

Amelie Mettenheimer smiles at the camera after finishing the Elevate Your Ads Course

“We created a campaign and I actually managed to get a sale within 12 hours.”

And now I can’t wait to watch it grow from here, with all this guidance that we got from Frannie, and I couldn’t be more excited about having done this. So if you’re on the fence or thinking about it, all I can say is do it because it will save you so much time, energy, and money at the end of the day that it’s definitely worth it.

– Amelie Mettenheimer,
Small Business Operations Strategist

Our online Facebook marketing course

Elevate Your Ads

The Elevate Your Ads course will help you create strategic Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns, and learn how to automate & leverage your first campaign to create consistent monthly revenue.
Woman smiles at her computer while drinking coffee

Perfect for you if you…

  • Are tired of pushing ALL the organic content and are ready for ads to do some work for you
  • Have never run ads before & are a total beginner
  • Don’t have a strategic ads foundation for the ads you’re currently running
  • Want ongoing support
  • Are making less than $5K/month in your business & want the most affordable way to work with us
Woman smiles at her computer while drinking coffee
Kulsum Elevate Your Ads Student

“I have been running ads for a week now at $2/lead”

I’ve had three cold leads already, booked a call with me and pocketed 44 new subscribers. I don’t think it could be better! I can easily make ads myself for low-cost and high-cost offers.

– Kulsum, Elevate Your Ads student

*New Mini Course*

Thriving After the
iOS Privacy Update

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    **NOTE: We focus on ads for a digital product or course creators as well as service providers. We recommend only investing in Facebook marketing services once you know for sure you have a successful offer. We don’t offer support around your offers, funnel, organic marketing system, etc. (all things that impact your ad success.)