Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign Strategy to Grow Your Business

Case Studies

Results and data from where our clients began to what they have achieved by running Facebook & Instagram Ads.

prepare your biz for paid ads

Everything you need to prepare to scale your online course business with ads.


The “Marketing Ecosystem” E-book includes the multiple systems you need to sell your online course consistently.

A Facebook Advertising Agency that Elevates Your Marketing

Imagine putting $100 into Facebook and getting $400 back.

We achieve results like this for our clients using a simple creative trick that you’d never think of. It’s all about knowing the small things that make a big impact.

Woman smiles at the camera with her elbows on the table with her laptop open in front of her

Creative Strategy is the true backbone of Facebook Ads that work

People often think that Facebook ads are only for tech whizzes.

That it’s all pixels, bidding strategies, and campaign optimization, But that’s not true.

Great ad copy can turn a campaign full of ‘clickers’ into a campaign full of ‘converters.’

And a great video can cut lead costs in half while doubling the money you make and the people you reach.

Woman smiles at the camera with her elbows on the table with her laptop open in front of her
Woman smiles at her laptop while drinking coffee

We know Facebook.

Our Facebook advertising agency has helped clients go from generating 100 leads in a year to generating 100 leads in a day.

We’ve turned once a year launched into round the clock revenue generating machines.

We’re up to date on all the best creative strategies, the newest algorithm & changes, and the most cutting-edge ad types like Messenger Ads and Instagram Stories.


A 90-minute 1-1 call with an EHM Ad Strategist to guide you through your unique advertising plan

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 includes the multiple systems you need to sell your online course consistently.


Our full service package where we do all the Facebook & Instagram advertising things for you

Let me guess what you’ve heard about social media marketing

You may be used to a Facebook ads agency promising you super cheap clicks or leads, or the most dialed in targeting out there. Not Elevate Her Marketing. Here at EHM, we’re different. Ask yourself this…

What would you rather have? $1 leads where 2% of them turned into customers or $4 leads where 50% of them turned into customers?

At Elevate Her Marketing we don’t just get you clicks and leads, we get you, customers who purchase. And we do it by helping you build a killer creative strategy (in addition to all the tech & targeting stuff.)

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We are your battle-tested, expert creative partner

We built our Facebook advertising agency knowing (through millions of dollars of ad spend) that the creative aspects of a Facebook or Instagram campaign are the bread and butter.

We know that not everyone loves this part of Facebook Advertising AND that it can seriously hold you back from running epic campaigns if you don’t take the time to do it right.

When you run your own business there’s no way you can possibly devote the amount of time needed to really focus on this stuff, you’re too busy!

Not only does Elevate Her Marketing have tons of experience crafting KILLER creative, we’ve spent significant time and money ($$$,$$$,$$$) running Facebook ads, getting our hands dirty inside Facebook Ads Manager, and we’ve learned A LOT.

Client Love

“Our ads are getting about a 2x ROI on our ad spend!

The team is very responsive to questions via Slack and we appreciate the calls where we go over our ad data together.”

– Annette Grant, Thanks for Visiting

“My business is growing and is getting in between a 2-3 ROAS which is so exciting! We are slowly scaling and I am bringing in more and more!

EHM makes everything easy! I’ve had an excellent experience!!”

– Suzie Agelopoulos, Airbnb entrepreneur and online business owner

Esther Inman smiling at the camera holding a laptop

“After working with Frannie and her team I can say with the full weight of my accounting reports, that in just a few weeks we hit our monthly goal of 6-figure months.”

– Esther Inman, CEO & Founder of Virtual Assistant Internship

Christina Galbato smiles having her ads completely taken care of by EHM

“In just the first three months of working together, Elevate Her Marketing helped me grow my email list by 10,000 and earn a gross revenue of almost $100K.”

– Christina Galbato, Founder & CEO, Influencer & Online Educator
Hayley Flegal Elevate Your Ads Student

“I really liked Frannie and how she approached my questions. She made me feel welcome and at ease from day one.”

– Hayley Flegal, Elevate Your Ads Student

Let’s do this together

  • Never again stress about what to write for ad copy, which image to go with, or what kind of video to create
  • Stop worrying about sparking your creativity when it just ain’t happenin’
  • Don’t wonder how your campaigns are doing
  • Don’t think “I hoped my FB ads would do better”
  • Take your Facebook ads to the next level

Meet the owner of Elevate Her Marketing

Hello! I’m Frannie.

Frannie Coggeshall, Facebook Blueprint Certified Buyer, smiles at the camera

I have serious Facebook Ads experience under my belt, having spent millions on the platform. I trained with one of the best Facebook Ads agencies in the world.
Elevate Her Marketing is on a mission to change the world by helping people, help people through Facebook Ads. We only work with brands and people we believe in and help them succeed by catapulting their success with the best creative strategies for Facebook Ads.

Frannie Coggeshall, Facebook Blueprint Certified Buyer, smiles at the camera